3 M’s of Leadership

As leaders, we are constantly challenged with making magic happen daily for our organizations and teams. How we do so centers in part around 3 core M’s – managing, monetizing, and mentoring. Management is just that – how we manage people, processes and systems. It’s how we wrangle all of the puppies into the box. It’s how we get all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together. It’s how we rally everyone around a vision, develop a plan, and then strategically execute that plan. Monetizing is the how the sense that we bring generates dollars for the employees, … Continue reading 3 M’s of Leadership

The Role of Mentoring

The Role of Mentoring Formal and informal mentoring programs can speed the development of talented staff and help develop a wider pool of talented future leaders and managers within the organization. Mentoring, in essence, is a relationship in which senior members of an organization provide support and guidance to junior members of the organization in either an informal or formal arrangement. Informal mentoring is typically initiated based on common factors between the mentor and protegé such as perceived similarity and rapport (Allen, Eby & Lentz, 2006). Formal mentoring is the result of an organizationally established, structured program that may use … Continue reading The Role of Mentoring

Kid President – Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership via Empowerment Network

Originally posted on The Cognoscenti LLC:
http://youtu.be/wzF23qI3Djw “Two roads, diverged in a woods..and I took the road less traveled, and it hurt man” – Kid President Cutest video on leadership and teamwork. That quote makes a very valid point that should not be missed. The reality is that leadership requires us to often take the road less traveled, to make changes that take us out of our comfort zone and yes, those changes can be painful. That is the beautiful paradox of leadership. Enjoy! Continue reading Kid President – Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership via Empowerment Network

Have We Leaned In Enough?

Have We “Leaned In” Enough? There has been a great deal of ongoing dialogue regarding women and leadership generated by Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. Sandberg’s book has thrust feminism, gender in the workplace, and developing women leaders to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Countless women and men are having “aha” moments as they read of Sheryl’s experience and reflect upon their own. Opportunities have been discussed and an organization created (LeanIn.org) to further explore the dialogue created surrounding gender in the work place. While the impetus towards identifying, developing and promoting women leaders is welcomed, it has left … Continue reading Have We Leaned In Enough?