3 M’s of Leadership

As leaders, we are constantly challenged with making magic happen daily for our organizations and teams. How we do so centers in part around 3 core M’s – managing, monetizing, and mentoring.
Management is just that – how we manage people, processes and systems. It’s how we wrangle all of the puppies into the box. It’s how we get all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together. It’s how we rally everyone around a vision, develop a plan, and then strategically execute that plan.

Monetizing is the how the sense that we bring generates dollars for the employees, organization, and shareholders. The decisions that you make are informed by what brings value to the customer and makes money for the business. If you are not managing with a watchful eye on the bottom line, you cannot expect to see it rise. 

Mentoring allows you as the leader to develop future leaders as well as refining your style. As a mentor, you can use the experiences of yours and others to teach and develop. As a mentee, you can learn from those you admire and hone your craft. Remember you are always learning.

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