My Favorite 5 Leadership Lessons from Football

  My Favorite 5 Leadership Lessons from Football:

  • You are not a part of a team, you are part of a tribe… people leave and join teams, but a tribe is a part of you and is forever
  • It is great to have people that are passionate about a common vision but if they are not skilled, they will never execute the goals to achieve that vision.
  • To be skilled, you have to be committed to constantly training. You have to dedicate the time and train like a beast to be the best at what you do (your job).
  • Do your job. You have a position to play. That position may change based on the nature of the game or the execution of the play but one thing never changes… your job, and that is to win.
  • It really is about the WIN. No one remembers second place. It’s not about the team, and it certainly isn’t about you, it’s about what you and the team do, and that’s win. The process to get there is one for the history books and fodder for memories. The approach, technique, the drills, all of those things create experiences that build you up to that win. And you keep chasing those smaller wins because they add up and position you for the bigger win…and then it’s on to the next win.

#NFLDiva #LeadershipSensei

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