Letting Go…

   Today’s Meditation: Like most people, I have to acknowledge that I am guilty of holding on to things and people….too long. When a relationship ends, something has expired or simply is no longer useful, we hold on to it anyway.  Closets full of clothes we haven’t worn in months or years.  People who have stopped loving us, yet we find every excuse and reason to justify staying with them…even after they have shown and/or told us that they don’t love us any more.     Novelty items, baubles and trinkets that at one time meant something but as memories … Continue reading Letting Go…

Getting An Alignment

Today’s Meditation: Getting an Alignment      As I drove back to Michigan to visit, I noticed that my car would sometimes pull to the left. It would happen with a strong wind, uneven road, or if I took my hands off the steering wheel for too long. The minute it drifted, I corrected quickly so that I was back on track so that I stayed on the road.        I thought, “maybe it’s time for an alignment”….      Your vision is the road. It is rooted in your destiny and intended to be the best manifestation … Continue reading Getting An Alignment

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Even with the best intentions, we find ourselves getting in our own way. We over-think, get in our emotions over something or someone, or allow lack of confidence keep us from our destiny😖. That’s called getting in your own way. You say or do things that are counterintuitive to what you want. So how do you get out of your own way? • stop “could have, would have and should have” • reframe the “I can’t” and “it won’t”  • practice selective listening – take the good and constructive and leave the rest And the most important?  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF … Continue reading Getting Out of Your Own Way

Are You In Your Zone?

    While the market is saturated with coaches, I am different!     I have a doctorate of management in organizational leadership, MBA with an HRM focus, and a BS in psychology.   I have 20+ years of progressive leadership experience as well as using mentoring and coaching strategies to help people create and achieve their personalized success plans!   I will be accepting a limited number of new clients starting in November so if you or someone you know is interested and would like a complimentary discovery session, where we can talk about your challenges, opportunities and how I … Continue reading Are You In Your Zone?

Take The Limit Switch Off

If you weren’t saying “what about them” when you were being blessed with favor, grace and/or mercy, don’t say “what about me” when you see others being blessed. Give without expectation, receive without limitation. When you receive, you receive in abundance for a reason, so that you can do for others. You do so because you have and you can, not because you expect more.  When you focus on the vision and get past the packaging of it, you take away the limits. You may need a car and keep praying for a BMW, but maybe your blessing is an … Continue reading Take The Limit Switch Off

Know Your Worth

   #KnowYourWorth It hurts when that person doesn’t seem to love you as much as you love them or at all… It hurts when you bring your A game daily but get treated like a B or C player at work…. It hurts when your family on friends seek you as a leech to blood but never are there when you need them… All of these things can create a case of the “moody blues”, the “mean reds”, and cause you to get lost in a deep rabbit hole of despair and hurt. Know Your Worth! Don’t let someone else’s … Continue reading Know Your Worth

A Word on Relationships

Love is never easy. Sometimes, the people that we love do not have the time or emotional capacity to invest in a relationship at that moment.  It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their willingness and ability to make room for you in their life.   Do what works for you and don’t settle for anything less. Remember, you are the architect of your happiness 😘 #DrGail Continue reading A Word on Relationships

Elevation Requires Separation 

   Elevation requires separation and you may lose some people you love along the way. That’s ok. They were meant for a reason or season and are making room for the lifetime people to come. Bless them, make peace with them and your feelings about them, release them and free yourself.  It’s ok to mourn their loss, that’s natural. Just know that the hole left by their temporary residence will be filled with lifetime presence. #DrGail Continue reading Elevation Requires Separation