Know Your Worth


It hurts when that person doesn’t seem to love you as much as you love them or at all…

It hurts when you bring your A game daily but get treated like a B or C player at work….

It hurts when your family on friends seek you as a leech to blood but never are there when you need them…

All of these things can create a case of the “moody blues”, the “mean reds”, and cause you to get lost in a deep rabbit hole of despair and hurt.

Know Your Worth!

Don’t let someone else’s myopia cause you blindness! You have a vision and you are priceless! They can break rocks, but any pressure on coal makes it a diamond and you are diamonds! 

You are worth all of the love, happiness, prosperity, and abundance that life has for you, all you have to do is have a vision, ask for it, believe in it enough to put in the work, and receive it!

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