Take The Limit Switch Off

If you weren’t saying “what about them” when you were being blessed with favor, grace and/or mercy, don’t say “what about me” when you see others being blessed.

Give without expectation, receive without limitation. When you receive, you receive in abundance for a reason, so that you can do for others. You do so because you have and you can, not because you expect more. 
When you focus on the vision and get past the packaging of it, you take away the limits. You may need a car and keep praying for a BMW, but maybe your blessing is an Audi or a Mercedes with a driver. 

Take your limits off so you can receive fully and don’t forget to give because you will always have enough to share.


2 thoughts on “Take The Limit Switch Off

    1. Exactly! We block what the universe has for us when we don’t celebrate others from a genuine space and when we give with the expectation of receiving and are always looking for something in return.


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