Getting An Alignment

Today’s Meditation: Getting an Alignment

As I drove back to Michigan to visit, I noticed that my car would sometimes pull to the left. It would happen with a strong wind, uneven road, or if I took my hands off the steering wheel for too long. The minute it drifted, I corrected quickly so that I was back on track so that I stayed on the road. 


I thought, “maybe it’s time for an alignment”….
Your vision is the road. It is rooted in your destiny and intended to be the best manifestation of you and your life. That is your path, your plan.


Life brings things that cause us to drift, veer, and go off track. Maybe the love of your life no longer loves or is in love with you. Maybe you feel like you are fighting for an “us” by yourself. Maybe you wanted to be an executive or CEO but you can’t get past middle management. Maybe you thought you had more money in the bank but nothing balances out.

Maybe it’s time to get an alignment.
Your vision is dynamic and grows as you grow. There are levels to this! As you grow, you elevate to newer levels! The only limits that stop you are you! 


Look at your vision. Look at where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going. If it is not in alignment with your vision, you need to adjust and level up – either your vision is too small for your new reality, or your reality is too small for your vision.

Take time periodically to do a sense check and validate your alignment with your destiny and vision. 

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