Letting Go…


Today’s Meditation:
Like most people, I have to acknowledge that I am guilty of holding on to things and people….too long. When a relationship ends, something has expired or simply is no longer useful, we hold on to it anyway. 

Closets full of clothes we haven’t worn in months or years. 

People who have stopped loving us, yet we find every excuse and reason to justify staying with them…even after they have shown and/or told us that they don’t love us any more.
Novelty items, baubles and trinkets that at one time meant something but as memories fade, so did their value.


I realized that fear not faith kept things in my life longer than their season and reason. Fear says,

“You will never do better than him/her”

“You will need this item and it won’t be there if you get rid of it”

“There is still hope that it will be in season, be useful ”

As someone once said, “when you hold on for longer than you should, you allow your fear to make you believe watering concrete will grow flowers”
Faith is different. Faith says that if you believe, you will receive…that it is so. Faith tells you that when the seasons and reasons change, their truly is something greater coming because elevation requires separation. Faith says while it may seem that your path is full of forward and backward motion, sometimes more backwards than not, you are increasing in your levels.
So the next time you struggle with letting go and moving on, tell yourself as I do, “I bless it/them, wish it/them well, because my elevation requires their separation”



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