Some broken things can’t & shouldn’t be fixed

Sometimes good things break to make room for something better… Sometimes what’s broken can’t be fixed, and maybe that’s for the best. I broke my favorite phone charm and was reminded of these two things while I worked feverishly to fix it. I recalled how I managed to put it back together, albeit haphazardly in the past only for it to fall out off my phone and break again…and again ..and again… Maybe there is a reason for that…maybe the universe was trying to tell me something that I refused to hear, so it decided to show me instead . … Continue reading Some broken things can’t & shouldn’t be fixed

Don’t be Afraid to Dream

What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind will achieve. Conceive positive thoughts that are in the present tense. Instead of “I will..” say “I am…”. Connect to your preordained destiny, what has been promised over your life in the spiritual realm. Believe those positive thoughts to be true in spite of what you see, have experienced, or feel.  Your eyes and your mind will play tricks on you. Your mind will recall negative experiences to justify what your eyes think they see. Achieve those positive thoughts by consciously taking steps daily , walking on and in faith … Continue reading Don’t be Afraid to Dream

A word on being single

Food for thought: I keep seeing posts and hearing people telling those who are single to: β€’ learn to love yourself first β€’ learn to love your own company β€’ become a person you would date and fall in love with And the list goes on…. Well, guess what?!? Not everyone who is single: β€’ has self esteem issues β€’ isn’t an amazing person in their own right β€’ hasn’t created a fantastic single hood that others would envy There are those who are single and not happy about it because of the circumstances resulting in them being single or … Continue reading A word on being single

Be Unfukwithable

Regardless of what you do, how you do it , or your “why”, you HAVE GOT TO GET THICKER SKIN. Learn to be #unfuckwithable where your feelings don’t get hurt because you are confident in your destiny, secure in who you are, and trusting of your journey. Let the poison others feed you strengthen you and remember to smile when you wave to your haters… #StillStanding #SuccessIsEarned #SeeWithVision #LiveWithPurpose #HiHaters Continue reading Be Unfukwithable