A word on being single


Food for thought:

I keep seeing posts and hearing people telling those who are single to:
• learn to love yourself first
• learn to love your own company
• become a person you would date and fall in love with
And the list goes on….

Well, guess what?!? Not everyone who is single:
• has self esteem issues
• isn’t an amazing person in their own right
• hasn’t created a fantastic single hood that others would envy

There are those who are single and not happy about it because of the circumstances resulting in them being single or because they have a great life and would love to share it with that special someone.  In fact, some of the most successful people in the world are lonely and/or single.

When you spend time creating a lifestyle and cultivating your dreams, you become VERY selective of who you allow in. For you, relationships are symbiotic – you grow and so do they.  For you, it becomes a matter of quality and ensuring the intentions of the other are sincere because the same fervor and tenacity you put into become successful you put into your relationships.  You give genuinely and freely, so you will hurt more deeply and longer when things don’t work out.

Stop assuming there is something wrong with that single person and acknowledge that just maybe there is something wrong with a world where someone so highly amazing could be overqualified and undervalued.

While I am a certified coach, I am by no means a relationship expert or relationship coach.

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