Day 23: Capacity


Day 23: Capacity

I have found that over the past year my capacity has changed to reflect my desire for giving, receiving, and living on a larger level.  My capacity for healing, with the loss of my Grandmother… my capacity for nurturing and unconditional love as help I others grow… Capacity is the key to expansion. You cannot ask for and expect more if you are not ready to expand your capacity to handle what comes your way.  Fear of change, failure, and the unknown will keep you trapped at a level where your capacity is so limited that you cannot handled what life has for you.
Why choose to limit your abundance? If someone offered you a million dollars, but the bag you had to put it in was too small, you wouldn’t refuse the money! You wouldn’t take only what the bag can carry and leave the rest! You would get a larger bag!

as my capacity expands, so does my abundance, prosperity, and philanthropy

Going the Extra Mile:
What area of your life do you feel limited in? Be honest, and ask yourself what the limits are and why? Change your mindset and take the barriers down.  Seek the help or support that you need to expand your capacity to handle what ever it is.

Spiritual law says you will never get more than you can handle… if you want more, expand your capacity so that you can handle more.  You have to be different to get different.

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