Day 24: Daily Rituals


Day 24:  Daily Rituals

How you start your day will influence your perceptions of everything that happens.  Knowing this caused me to change how I start my day so that I began to attract more of what I want – abundance, happiness, peace, and prosperity.  Changing how I began thinking each day was a major step in shifting my mindset to one of success, personal power, and influence.

Everyday I begin by focusing on gratitude that I am alive, for where I am versus where I used to be, and for what is to come. I genuinely believe that each day will be a good day and that I will accomplish what I am meant to accomplish, and lastly, that things will happen during the day to right it when it goes left.

Success comes with purpose and intent, so I try to be more purposeful throughout the day. Some days are better than others, but if I accomplish something that is in line with my vision (making a difference in a moment for a person) then my day is a success.

I receive today with gratitude.  I move through today with a sense of purpose, and expectation of miracles of all sizes.

Going the Extra Mile:
How do you use daily rituals to connect the dots in your life? Do you have rituals to start or end your day? Or maybe you have a midday ritual to help you power up or re-energize.  Try to connect it to your vision and beliefs so that is personal and meaningful for you.

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