Beware the Ides of March

“Beware the ides of March”
Caesar was warned by the Soothsayer to aware of potential danger or harm lurking around the ides of March, yet his ego prevented him from hearing and heeding the warning. He never doubted that those around him would be disloyal inspite of his treatment of them. He never thought their personal ambitions would supersede their loyalty and, gasp, love for the great Caesar. His wife begged him to stay home with her, and he refused.
What can we learn from this?
Real simple – 1) the backfield is ALWAYS in motion, sometimes for your good and sometimes not; 2) not everyone is on your team

The Backfield is Always In Mortion. When you become more spiritually aware, you will know through a heightened sense of alertness and be able to act accordingly.  We always connect the dots after the fact, but try becoming more tuned in spiritually and you will find the dots connecting sooner.

Et Tu Brutus? Caesar was mortally wounded yet the knowledge that the one whom he had loved like a brother, like a son, would betray him wounded him the deepest. How many times have we been emotionally wounded by Rhodes we thought would never do such? There is nothing in life that prepares of for the hurt of such betrayal, yet everything in life guarantees that it will happen at some point. 

 Know that not everyone is on your team. Some will celebrate you genuinely while others will envy, and plot to take you down or out. Learn to recognize people when they show you who they are and protect your inner circle fiercely. Everyone that claims to be your friend or on your team isn’t. Caesar learned this the hard way. 

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