Who’s Your Hiram?

Who is Assisting You With Your Destiny? You have to have someone assist you to get to your destiny. The assist comes from mentors, sponsors, and advocates. Mentoring Mentoring is a relationship where a person in your area of interest, industry, or career uses their knowledge and experiences to provide support and guidance. Mentoring can be formal or informal based on the arrangement you agree upon and how the relationship was initiated.  Mentors are concerned with helping you achieve your best, so long as you are willing to listen to their candid, constructive feedback and do the work. Sponsors Sponsors … Continue reading Who’s Your Hiram?


Loss is never easy. It becomes much more difficult when there is no rationale or logic that can be applied, when it was sudden or unexpected, and when it involves loved ones. Everyone approaches loss and death differently.  Some tackle the feelings head on, while others work through their pain and grief, or push it aside because they don’t know how to handle the onslaught of emotions, heartache, and heartbreak Some will offer words of comfort, and say it gets better with time.  Others will say that faith will help ease the pain. On this day, and in this moment, … Continue reading Grief