How to Get Unstuck

How to Get Unstuck

Step 1 – ☑ Connect

Connect to your why – your vision and purpose. Sometimes when we are stuck, it’s because we have lost sight of our why. Chasing other ‘s  dreams instead of your own..ignoring that inner voice… take a few moments to reaffirm your why – get back to you.

Step 2 – ☑ Correct

Once you have connected to your why, take a look at what you’ve been doing lately. Are you actively doing things that fit your why? If not, start using your why as a filter so that you can be more purposeful and intentional in your actions


Step 3 – ☑ Create

Create a new habit based on this new awareness. Learn the power of “no” . When you say “no”. It should be to things that won’t advance your why or support it. Create a new space or zone that you operate from, where you purposefully do one thing daily that aligns to your why.

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