Always Learning

I was reminded this morning that sometimes we get so focused on the “what” that we screw up the “how”, getting in our own way. Part of growing and building is learning and course correcting. Be open to feedback, humble enough to admit it, and agile to fix it.

Networking is a challenge for most people because all we think about is getting out our message and it does the DIRECT opposite of what we intend to do or meant to do. 

When you start from a genuine place of love and service, your focus changes and you look for how you can bring value to those around you, which in turn creates relationships. This doesn’t come from telling and selling, rather it comes from listening to discover their wants, needs, dreams, and goals, then asking yourself, “how might I bring value to this person”, and then doing it with no ulterior motive other than love and service.

Try it the next time you are in a networking situation and you’ll find that when you operate from a genuine space, you will attract more…

Have a Powerful, Productive Week ✨

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