Your Year in 5 Words

As 2019 comes to a close, this is a perfect time for reflection. Not only for the year, but also the decade!

What five words describe your year/decade?

Here are mine:

  • Blessed – I still have my core family and friends. I am loved unconditionally by them and I reciprocate unconditional love. There have been some major heartbreaks, but God, I am freed through forgiveness and my heart continues to heal…
  • Challenging – there were some major changes that required a different focus and strategy. I also had to let go of some things and people to preserve my peace…
  • Rewarding – “you don’t realize the impact you had” was something I heard a lot. It warmed my heart to have my walk in purpose validated…
  • Frustrating – reality has not caught up to the vision in some areas of my life. This requires a level of patience and persistence that I had to learn and continue to strengthen…
  • Abundant – I continually pray the Prayer of Jabez and I have seen it manifest repeatedly. I am a lender, not a borrower and my cup continued to run over, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing…

As I wrap 2019 and this decade, I find myself experiencing mixed emotions. I am sad that certain things haven’t come together and as I let them go, I can’t help but feel I’ve wasted a valuable resource on them – time….BUT I also recognize the lessons in failure. Maybe the ideas or intentions were good but the strategy or execution were bad and that’s where I find my gold, my lessons learned.

I also find myself hopeful for what will be, as in my mind all things are possible and my efforts make them more probable.


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