Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

New year, new decade, who dis?!?

Honestly, there won’t be a new you if you keep with the old ways.

The end of 2019 and frankly that decade, should have brought reflection and vision for 2020. That means that you gleaned lessons from your not so great moments as wisdom to apply to your future. That also means that you let go of old ways of thinking and doing that did not or no longer serve you.

Give yourself a truly fresh start by using January to challenge your thinking and beliefs if you have not done so already. Ask yourself, “am I repeating the same negative cycle that garnered me negative results?”, if the answer is yes, then re-think it. Dig deep into the “why” behind your behaviors and thinking. Know that this will take some work and commitment on your part but the outcome is worth it.

If you have done reflection, then use this month to increase self-awareness and shift to accountability. You’ve identified an old way and a new habit that you will replace it with. Begin to recognize when you default to the old ways of thinking and doing. Stop yourself and replace the old way with a new one.

Give yourself the gift of new way in 2020! It’s not easy but anything worth having takes work, and I can help! Let’s talk 💋

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