Delayed versus Denied

We often judge a person’s success or ability on whether or not they’ve made it. We all know people who are more than qualified and more than capable; they’ve demonstrated a higher level of competency than others, yet they seem stuck.

It’s a matter of possibility and probability.

It is very possible that they can achieve the higher levels of success and attainment they seek, but the probability of that happening lessens with lack of mentors, sponsors, proper branding, and positioning so that when the opportunities arise, their name comes up first. Without these things, they are underrated and in most cases denied because they were never on the radar to begin with.

So how do you fix it?

Get a good mentor. Seek someone who is where you want to be. Demonstrate that you are coachable and reachable, that you follow through. This person will use their experiences, knowledge and wisdom to guide your personal development.

Find a sponsor. Get people on your team who will speak up for you at the table. They know your passions, goals, and aspirations. They know your qualifications and won’t hesitate to suggest you when the right opportunities arise.

Fix your branding. Make sure that you represent what you want and not where you are. Look the part. Speak the language. Move the way they do.

Position yourself to win. Visibility is key. Build your network and move in the circles they move in. Water seeks water. Be familiar and comfortable to them so that you are on their radar in a good way.

Get serious about your success, commit to the work, move differently, and watch things happen.

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