Be Unfukwithable

Regardless of what you do, how you do it , or your “why”, you HAVE GOT TO GET THICKER SKIN. Learn to be #unfuckwithable where your feelings don’t get hurt because you are confident in your destiny, secure in who you are, and trusting of your journey. Let the poison others feed you strengthen you and remember to smile when you wave to your haters… #StillStanding #SuccessIsEarned #SeeWithVision #LiveWithPurpose #HiHaters Continue reading Be Unfukwithable

The blessings of knowledge and wisdom from the lessons of experience

Your life experience provides the best fodder for teaching, coaching, and mentoring others. The source of knowledge is not what matters, in other words, it doesn’t have to be gained from “personal experience”.  You can and do learn through others’ experiences all of the time.  What matters is what you do with that knowledge once it is acquired.  Do you digest it and nourish yourself and others, creating wisdom; do you ignore it,  or do you hoard it? Don’t miss your opportunity to share the blessings from your lesson or glean the blessings from the lessons of others. That’s how … Continue reading The blessings of knowledge and wisdom from the lessons of experience

Don’t Let Fear of Hurt Talk You Out of the Desires of Your Heart

There is a persistent doubt that you will not get what you want, so you downplay your desire for what you want to protect yourself and your heart from potential hurt. This type of thinking will cripple you and keep you from experiencing life and more importantly, hope. You have been given the power to control your mind and your thoughts. Choose to embrace hope regardless and you will find your heart , faith, and life expand exponentially. Why? Because by choosing hope and faith, you the universe or your higher power that you are all in. And when the … Continue reading Don’t Let Fear of Hurt Talk You Out of the Desires of Your Heart

Letting Go…

   Today’s Meditation: Like most people, I have to acknowledge that I am guilty of holding on to things and people….too long. When a relationship ends, something has expired or simply is no longer useful, we hold on to it anyway.  Closets full of clothes we haven’t worn in months or years.  People who have stopped loving us, yet we find every excuse and reason to justify staying with them…even after they have shown and/or told us that they don’t love us any more.     Novelty items, baubles and trinkets that at one time meant something but as memories … Continue reading Letting Go…

Getting An Alignment

Today’s Meditation: Getting an Alignment      As I drove back to Michigan to visit, I noticed that my car would sometimes pull to the left. It would happen with a strong wind, uneven road, or if I took my hands off the steering wheel for too long. The minute it drifted, I corrected quickly so that I was back on track so that I stayed on the road.        I thought, “maybe it’s time for an alignment”….      Your vision is the road. It is rooted in your destiny and intended to be the best manifestation … Continue reading Getting An Alignment