Fair & Frequent Feedback

As a leader, feedback is and will always be challenging. Why? Because you intrinsically want to be the “nice guy” and you were probably told to sandwich feedback – good, bad, good. Well, the reality is that people want and deserve to know how they are doing and they don’t like surprises, it should be frequent and fair. Frequent Frequent feedback means that you are giving feedback more than just once or twice a year. Typically, organizations have mid-year and year-end feedback cycles, otherwise known as performance reviews. The intent of the mid-year is to provide a sense check, so … Continue reading Fair & Frequent Feedback

Success is Built on Failure

How you handle failure as a leader sends a clear message to your team, so make sure it’s the one you want. Failure isn’t what makes people lose trust in you as a leader. Factors such as ownership, transparency and resiliency are what influences trust. So what do you do as a leader when things go south? Here are three things that will help get you back on track: Own up to it with your team by acknowledging the misstep Engage them by asking what could have been done better or differently Demonstrate resiliency by moving forward and focusing on … Continue reading Success is Built on Failure

Delayed versus Denied

We often judge a person’s success or ability on whether or not they’ve made it. We all know people who are more than qualified and more than capable; they’ve demonstrated a higher level of competency than others, yet they seem stuck. It’s a matter of possibility and probability. It is very possible that they can achieve the higher levels of success and attainment they seek, but the probability of that happening lessens with lack of mentors, sponsors, proper branding, and positioning so that when the opportunities arise, their name comes up first. Without these things, they are underrated and in … Continue reading Delayed versus Denied

Your Haters Have a Purpose

The same way that you have an assignment or divine purpose, so do your haters. While your friends will comfort, elevate and celebrate you, your haters promote you. How? Because they spend so much of their time talking about you, others will wonder who you are and what is it about you that has them “obsessed”. Your ability to survive or conquer them will give you significance. People don’t remember the losing teams, they remember the victors. Finally, your enemies and haters force you to do and be better. You have to bring your A-Game constantly so as not to … Continue reading Your Haters Have a Purpose

On Being Number 2

Second in Command is the proofing ground for future leaders. You have the opportunity to learn, hone and practice your leadership, strategy, decision making, communication, and leadership presence. There cannot be a strong number 1 without a strong number 2. Tell your ego to get out of your way so that you can see the power in your role and embrace the preparation afforded to you. Class is in session, are you ready? #SuccessIsEarned #SeeWithVision #LeadWithPurpose Continue reading On Being Number 2

My Favorite 5 Leadership Lessons from Football

  My Favorite 5 Leadership Lessons from Football: You are not a part of a team, you are part of a tribe… people leave and join teams, but a tribe is a part of you and is forever It is great to have people that are passionate about a common vision but if they are not skilled, they will never execute the goals to achieve that vision. To be skilled, you have to be committed to constantly training. You have to dedicate the time and train like a beast to be the best at what you do (your job). Do your … Continue reading My Favorite 5 Leadership Lessons from Football

3 M’s of Leadership

As leaders, we are constantly challenged with making magic happen daily for our organizations and teams. How we do so centers in part around 3 core M’s – managing, monetizing, and mentoring. Management is just that – how we manage people, processes and systems. It’s how we wrangle all of the puppies into the box. It’s how we get all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together. It’s how we rally everyone around a vision, develop a plan, and then strategically execute that plan. Monetizing is the how the sense that we bring generates dollars for the employees, … Continue reading 3 M’s of Leadership

Kid President – Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership via Empowerment Network

Originally posted on The Cognoscenti LLC:
http://youtu.be/wzF23qI3Djw “Two roads, diverged in a woods..and I took the road less traveled, and it hurt man” – Kid President Cutest video on leadership and teamwork. That quote makes a very valid point that should not be missed. The reality is that leadership requires us to often take the road less traveled, to make changes that take us out of our comfort zone and yes, those changes can be painful. That is the beautiful paradox of leadership. Enjoy! Continue reading Kid President – Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership via Empowerment Network

Have We Leaned In Enough?

Have We “Leaned In” Enough? There has been a great deal of ongoing dialogue regarding women and leadership generated by Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. Sandberg’s book has thrust feminism, gender in the workplace, and developing women leaders to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Countless women and men are having “aha” moments as they read of Sheryl’s experience and reflect upon their own. Opportunities have been discussed and an organization created (LeanIn.org) to further explore the dialogue created surrounding gender in the work place. While the impetus towards identifying, developing and promoting women leaders is welcomed, it has left … Continue reading Have We Leaned In Enough?