Move The Clouds

The pessimist complains about the overcast day and how dark it is, making it difficult to see. The optimist hopes the clouds will clear up and the day will get better.  The leader adjusts the light. The change agent says, “Learn to move the clouds… ” – Dr Gail Lewis Clouds are moved by the wind… the wind determines their speed, direction, etc.  A victim mentality complains about the impact of the clouds. The passive-aggressive mentality hopes for the best, assumes the worst, and does nothing in the meantime. The fixer address the the issue by changing course or strategy … Continue reading Move The Clouds

Day 40: Transformation

Below is the 40th day of the #40Days series on Instagram Day 40: Transformation We have made it through #40Days and each day reflected a focus that would hopefully culminate in personal transformation. Each day provided a focus for shifting your mindset, challenging your beliefs, and grounding yourself. Transformation is about opening yourself up to a new you, a new experience, a new season, a new journey. Affirmation As I renew my mind and expand my experiences, I am transformed Going the Extra Mile Look back over your last #40Days. What changes in thinking and doing have you made? What … Continue reading Day 40: Transformation

Day 35: Create

Day 35: Create If you wait for someone to create it for you, you will wait forever. Why wait for someone to create it for you when you have the magic inside of you to create epic things! Be your own superhero! Create the “it” you want in life! Create the life you want! Your dreams are waiting… Affirmation I will not wait for others to create what I can create for myself. Going the Extra Mile Take a look at where you are versus where you want to be. Think about the things you are doing or ways in … Continue reading Day 35: Create

Day 24: Daily Rituals

Day 24:  Daily Rituals How you start your day will influence your perceptions of everything that happens.  Knowing this caused me to change how I start my day so that I began to attract more of what I want – abundance, happiness, peace, and prosperity.  Changing how I began thinking each day was a major step in shifting my mindset to one of success, personal power, and influence. Everyday I begin by focusing on gratitude that I am alive, for where I am versus where I used to be, and for what is to come. I genuinely believe that each … Continue reading Day 24: Daily Rituals

Day 23: Capacity

Day 23: Capacity I have found that over the past year my capacity has changed to reflect my desire for giving, receiving, and living on a larger level.  My capacity for healing, with the loss of my Grandmother… my capacity for nurturing and unconditional love as help I others grow… Capacity is the key to expansion. You cannot ask for and expect more if you are not ready to expand your capacity to handle what comes your way.  Fear of change, failure, and the unknown will keep you trapped at a level where your capacity is so limited that you … Continue reading Day 23: Capacity

40 Days: Day 5 – Love

(Instagram series @drgaillewis) Day 5: Love You are your first true love.  As you grow and evolve, learn to continually fall in love with who you will be as well as who you are. If you don’t love yourself where you are at, it will be harder to move yourself to where you want to be. Why? Because self love demands that you always want the best for you. Would you put ARCO gas in a Bugatti? Probably not, because you want only the best for the best.  You should view yourself the same way…. You should ALWAYS want the … Continue reading 40 Days: Day 5 – Love

Don’t be Afraid to Dream

What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind will achieve. Conceive positive thoughts that are in the present tense. Instead of “I will..” say “I am…”. Connect to your preordained destiny, what has been promised over your life in the spiritual realm. Believe those positive thoughts to be true in spite of what you see, have experienced, or feel.  Your eyes and your mind will play tricks on you. Your mind will recall negative experiences to justify what your eyes think they see. Achieve those positive thoughts by consciously taking steps daily , walking on and in faith … Continue reading Don’t be Afraid to Dream

A word on being single

Food for thought: I keep seeing posts and hearing people telling those who are single to: • learn to love yourself first • learn to love your own company • become a person you would date and fall in love with And the list goes on…. Well, guess what?!? Not everyone who is single: • has self esteem issues • isn’t an amazing person in their own right • hasn’t created a fantastic single hood that others would envy There are those who are single and not happy about it because of the circumstances resulting in them being single or … Continue reading A word on being single

You Have the Will to Make a Way

It isn’t the mistake that defines you and your future, the defining moment is found in how you handle setbacks. Don’t let bad things or moments define and distract you. Things happen to all of us that are not planned or desired.  Change how you view failures and setbacks so that you allow yourself to feel the emotions but not be ruled by them. #SuccessIsEarned #LiveWithPurpose #SeeWithVision #SuccessIsAMindset Continue reading You Have the Will to Make a Way