A word on being single

Food for thought: I keep seeing posts and hearing people telling those who are single to: • learn to love yourself first • learn to love your own company • become a person you would date and fall in love with And the list goes on…. Well, guess what?!? Not everyone who is single: • has self esteem issues • isn’t an amazing person in their own right • hasn’t created a fantastic single hood that others would envy There are those who are single and not happy about it because of the circumstances resulting in them being single or … Continue reading A word on being single

You Have the Will to Make a Way

It isn’t the mistake that defines you and your future, the defining moment is found in how you handle setbacks. Don’t let bad things or moments define and distract you. Things happen to all of us that are not planned or desired.  Change how you view failures and setbacks so that you allow yourself to feel the emotions but not be ruled by them. #SuccessIsEarned #LiveWithPurpose #SeeWithVision #SuccessIsAMindset Continue reading You Have the Will to Make a Way

1% Greater

   Wondering why nothing is changing for you? Ask yourself a few questions: • if what I have been doing hasn’t gotten me beyond this point, is it really working for me? • what am I needing to do differently to see differently? • do I have a clear vision of what that “different” is? You can’t achieve more with a lazy or complacent attitude. You have to be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone into unfamiliar territory to achieve unfamiliar and uncommon success. Sound like too much to do? Then bite-size it. Think about what you … Continue reading 1% Greater